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Don't scare meh like dat!

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5'6'' and a half, 66.5 inches, a little less conversation, aim, aim chat rooms, alice, amanda, bags over fantugly's head, bananas, bashing, bashing diana, bashing fantasia, bashing jasmine, bashing john stevens, bathing with jpl, becky, being emo, being zesty like cesty, bela, breakdancing, brittany, bubble baths, butt shots, chapeetah banana, chapeetas, dancing!jpl, dark horses, dead poet's society, dibot, drift away, elvis, fame, fantugly, games, goth!jpl, icon making, icons, idaho, jailhouse rock, jen, joanny, joey, john stevens, jon, jon peetah lewis, jon peter lewis, jpl, jpl in my bed, jpl in my pants, jpl's banana, jpl's dancing, jpl's no-no spot, jpl's singing, kerry, lily, long, mandy, mini movie icons, mormans, mormons, naked jpl, naked!jpl, nekkid jpl, orgasming to jpl, orgasming-to-jon-over-the-phone, paper bags, paul lewis, pens, pensalemen, pieces of cardboard, sexing up jpl, sharpies, she believes in me, signs that say long, splish splash, stacy, subliminal messages, survivor, t-shirts, the beatles, the pensalesman, tiny dancer, uncle kracker